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Most Common Termites In Oklahoma

Although there are various kinds of termites, the most likely to attack your home in Oklahoma is the subterranean termite. A subterranean termite colony can contain millions of termites that often go undetected until damage appears. Unfortunately, no one has the ability to look through walls and see termite damage. Nor do most people regularly looks behind their stoves, refrigerators, or furniture that has been in place since they moved in. So the damage to your home usually goes unnoticed to the point that substantial damage has occurred. That is why we recommend having your home inspected at least once a year.


Termite Swarmers

One indication that you may have termites is if you see what looks like flying ants, these are potentially termite swarmers and normally start swarming in the spring and continues into the summer months. According to the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, a subterranean termite colony will have been established for at least two to six years before they can produce swarmers. So if you are seeing termite swarmers, then you have had termites for some time and they are now established within your home.

The purpose of termite swarmers is to leave its current colony and create a new one, usually in close proximity to the one they left. In Oklahoma, there are approximately five termite colonies per acre. So if you ever wondered why you have termite damage on opposite ends of your home, then you are probably dealing with multiple colonies attacking your home.


Termite Liquid Treatment

We have various methods of effectively resolving termite issues but the quickest and most efficient way to treat for termites is a liquid barrier. We use Termidor SC for liquid barrier treatments. Termites cannot detect Termidor and as the termites go through their normal routine they will either ingest or come into contact with Termidor which will then effectively kill them. However, Termidor doesn’t stop there.

Before the termite dies it will infect other termites with Termidor, this is known as the "transfer effect". Whenever a termite comes into contact with Termidor it becomes a “carrier”, transferring the Termidor to other termites like a virus. Then those termites will become secondary “carriers” and continue to spread it to other termites. This is a very effective treatment that will quickly resolve your termite problem.

Termite Bait Stations

Bait Stations are also very effective with resolving termite issues and are commonly used in conjunction with liquid barrier treatments. Unlike the liquid barrier treatment, the bait stations kill the termites at their source by killing the queen within the colony.

Termites receive no nutritional benefit from cellulous material (wood) itself. However, the bacteria living inside the termites do and as the bacteria breakdown the cellulous material they release a type of starch that is beneficial to the termite. The termites and the bacteria within them have a symbiotic relationship, meaning they cannot live without one another.

The active ingredient in the bait kills the bacteria within the termites. This in turn will kill the termites because they cannot survive without the bacteria within them. The active ingredient is designed to allow ample time for the bait to be shared and distributed among the termite colony before they start to die. This delayed reaction is what makes the distribution of the active ingredient so effective. The Advance Bait Station is a strong treatment option for resolving termite issues.

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