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Do You Have Bed Bugs?

We recommend having your home inspected if you have any concerns that you may have bed bugs or if you recently discovered that a friend or family member has bed bugs. By having your home inspected we can identify the pest and confirm whether or not it is a bed bug. Another benefit of an inspection is to potentially discover the problem in the beginning stages. Unfortunately, some people mistake the signs of bed bugs for fleas or other insects and months may go by before they realize they do have bed bugs and take action. At that point, the presence of bed bugs in their home has become much more established and it is more probable that the bed bugs have spread throughout the home. However, no matter the severity of your issue, rest assured that we will resolve it.

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Can Bed Bugs spread?

Although bed bugs are associated with nesting in beds, their nests are often found in various places. The mattress and box are a primary concern but when it comes to treatment, attention needs to be given to the entire home. Bed bugs can be carried to couches, other rooms and living areas. These areas need to be carefully inspected by a pest professional and every crack and crevice needs to be treated thoroughly. Bed bug infestations can originate from a variety of places including from, traveling, used furniture, a friend or family member or even a movie theater. A common misconception is that people who have bed bugs must have a dirty home. However, unlike roaches who are attracted to left out food or sugary substances, bed bugs only feed on blood and are attracted to pheromones. The cleanliness of your home has nothing to do with having bed bugs.

We Can Help

If you are struggling with bed bugs and don’t know what to do next, give us a call. We can come out and perform a Free Inspection. Our inspection will determine if you do have bed bugs or if you have a problem with another pest which needs to be resolved. If it is bed bugs, then we will provide a checklist of things for you to do before the treatment and then we will go over how everything works, when the follow up treatment will be and what to expect after treatment. We also offer an extended bed bug protection plan as well. Call us today for details.


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